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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Value of the Human Being...what is your appeal?

I have a good friend that asked me a good question:

Why can’t I see what you see, when I am trying to find someone for myself.

What she was talking about was the fact that she had made choices that lead her heart in a different direction from what one would smartly call “the perfect one”. Dating the one who has it together may not be as interesting as the free-spirit who likes to take chances, dramatic pitfalls included. She would often decide against someone with all the traits of perfection toward someone that is almost guaranteed to break her heart.........I came up with this little question that one should ask themselves.

If I removed each of my senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste) would this person in front of me still appeal to me? Without sight is the gorgeous person that stands before me nothing more than that? Am I only attracted to the smell of his/her perfume or cologne….or if removed would this person be perfect. if the feel of their hand on mine were removed would I be smitten. I went over this in my head including my own partner and me. I was interested to see what senses would improve his appeal or make him less appealing….or would he be the same? And when I say taste, I don't mean the taste of the person, I am talking about eating with them.

I wondered what senses make me appealing, or less appealing. Is the sound of my voice just a little to high?

That’s all. I wanted to pose the question for you all to ponder. Let me know your thoughts. By all means this is not meant to start any fights only provoke insightful conversation and self reflection......and God knows we can not control who our heart will follow.




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