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Friday, June 5, 2009

Blogging For a Cause- ISurvive

I am writing a post today to support a charity called Isurvive is a message board that offers free on-line support 24/7 for people who were abused as children. Isurvive is hoping to win $1200 by being one of the Top 5 most blogged-about charities in a contest. They can now add one more blog to the tally.

This blog post is part of Zemanta's "Blogging For a Cause" campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

Please feel free to copy this post on your own blog to help Isurvive. If you do so, please email your link to Faith to faith_amom at hotmail dot com. Each posting gets them one step closer to a win.

They cry in the dark, so you cant see their tears
They hide in the light, so you cant see their fears
Forgive and forget, all the while
Love and pain become one and the same
In the eyes of a wounded child
Because hell
Hell is for children
And you know that their little lives can become such a mess
Hell is for children
And you shouldnt have to pay for your love with your bones and your flesh.

Excerpt from Pat Benatar, "Hell is for Children"


The Rambler said...

Oh Kalei...your heart.

On my way to check it out.

Martha said...

Thank you so much, Kalei!!

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