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Monday, September 14, 2009

Turning 3....again

I know, I am not actually turning 3 again, however I am living vicariously through my daughter this week. Here are the things I am doing this week as I try to live up to "fun times" on Saturday.
1. Cake-gotta have cake. I am trying to be simple, as I have to make the kids happy, but really, they just want the sugar. So lets give it to small sizes. I have to get a small cupcake pan to make the tiny cupcakes.....with a sweet pretty hawaiian topping. I got a recipe idea online for a topper made from marshmallows cut into five slices. These slices resemble petals of a flower and when fanned out, look just like a plumeria! Beautiful. I am also going to practice piping this week.....we will see!

2. Food-what do they want? well they are gonna get some tasty lasagna, bite size pizza's on bagels, there will be meat and veggie skewers......veggies......I am a little crazy with food, so there will probably be way more than we need.

3. Fun- I am planning a kiddie race and obsticle course, painting fun, and play time. Swimming in the pool if weather permits.

4. Gifts.....I am trying to get the word out for my friends to save their money and get only things Kai can use, and fun simple non plastic large toys she can play with....but really clothes, books, personal homemade art, non-plastic toys, are the theme.

5. Adult fun- We will be in hang out mode, kids can play we can eat chat and drink some drinks (I will probably be on kid duty so none for me till around 9pm when kids go down!

I am starting to craft again, so watch out Etsy, I may actually start you up!



Martha said...

That sounds like such a wonderful party, I love the plumeria marshmallow idea. I am starting to craft again too, it's great, demanding but great.
Happy Birthday to your Daughter.

Janna Bee said...

This sounds great!

Make sure to take pictures. I've always wanted to do an obstacle course, I wasn't sure what to do though.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun! Have a good time. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Did I see right? Are you planning an Etsy shop?

I'm so glad to hear about Terry! To be truthful, I wanted Sandie to be a Sandy and a boy, but Ben was convinced Sandie was a girl...of course, I can deny him nothing. So Sandie is a girl now!