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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Military Funeral

Sgt. Ryan H. Lane of Castle Shannon, PA.
Laid to Rest at National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, Bridgeville PA
Services at Bethany Presbyterian Church, Bridgeville PA

I have never attended a Military Funeral. This one, in particular was Incredible and Unique, I mean that respectfully. It was fitting to someone who sacrificed for so many. He left behind his wife Valerie, his 3 brothers, his Parents and Grandmother Ruth as well as a church full of family and friends. Ryan was the son of a former Police Chief, Harold Lane. In this connection to the Police Department and the Marines there was great respect and honor everywhere. As I drove off the freeway exit, toward the church, I could see the American Flags and the Lights of the Police vehicles. I approached the church Parking Lot and there was a police officer stationed to stop traffic. Anyone there to attend the funeral had right of way. The traffic was stopped to let any of us pass through with out halt. I have to say that I was moved to tears by every bit of it: The Police Officers that stood there to pay respect to their former Police Chiefs son. The Patriot Guards whom stood guard for our fallen soldier, that stood tall for hours in the hot sun in their leather gear holding their flags tall, who kept the media at bay, who held back the protesters, who saluted and gave honor to a fine young man. The Soloist that sang Danny Boy, The Priest that gave comfort. His Brother who spoke for his lost brother. His Aunt that gave Eulogy. His Marine Brother who shared with us who he was to them as a Soldier, a Sergeant, a Brother, and a Friend. The people who came to show support, Standing on the roadside in the route of the 200+ car procession from the Church to the cemetery, A woman standing solo with a hand written sign with the words "Thank you" or the one who stood with a flag with her hand over her heart saluting the procession that took 40 minutes to pass the 3.3 miles. Through and the daycare center that had their kids stand with their flags waving at us passing by. The many districts that sent a representing Police Car to escort the Soldier to the Cemetery. The Marines that stood tall for long periods of time, unmoving, in full Marine Uniform, did so with so much pride and honor to themselves and to Sgt. Lane, their brother. Bridgeville shut down the town for the time it took us to go from the Church to the Cemetery, their fire department had 2 Firetrucks with their ladders to full extension and an American Flag at the center linking the two trucks this was at the Church and their was another 2 at the cemetery for the procession of cars to pass under on the path to his resting place.

There was a full Military Salute, The Shooting of the Guns, The Fly Over, and his Casket Pulled by white horses through the Cemetery to his resting place at the top of the hill.....his final goodbye with the Man playing the bagpipes walking off into the distance, his sirens fading off, till silence. I was touched and have so much more pride in our Military Men and Women, their families that stand vigil waiting for them to come home.
I only took these four images, nothing with the flagged draped casket, or of the mourning family, I only wanted to remember the things that were done in his honor.


Anonymous said...

A great and touching story. Thank you.

The Rambler said...

Oh Kalei...very touching.

Martha said...

Thank you, you help us all honor this fine young man and his grief stricken family. ((Hugs))

The Blonde Duck said...

The military does so much for us...