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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm washing dishes right now......and random stuff

Did you all know they have those new gadgets called "Dish Washers". And by gadget, I am referring to a machine, not a human being...a.k.a. "Antibloggedy". Actually, It has been 3 years since I have had one on in my home! OUch! The much needed handy dandy scrubbing cleaning unit is my most "precious". it's MINE! Don't touch it, unless you want to fill it with MY dirty dishes and go ahead and press "sanitize" while you are at it.

Love it.

We decided not to take the white plastic cover off the front steel finish until we are closer to the end of renovations (so....I'm thinking 2-3 years?!.....not kidding)


Other News:
Kai is holding a good long term memory. She just brought up a "fall in the pool" incident from May when we were in California. Also, when the California Cow contest/auditions commercials come on she asks when we are going to California....and she says California correctly! I think she loved hangin with her cousin's: Lil Rambler and Cousin N. I think she also loved hangin with Nana and Papa.

Violet pulls off her diaper and walks over to the potty chair and sits down. She hasn't gone into IT yet as there was some confusion between the potty chair and the green ikea kids chair that was in the living room. Thank goodness for wipe-able surfaces!

I tried to assist in installing a deadbolt on our front door.......the thing is a hollow door! anyway, I went to the construction junction after destroying part of the stupid door to find another one that was more secure.....(by the way, if I wanted one hollow like mine, it costs $5.00 there). I was frozen with indecision and ended up without anything. I am going back tomorrow for the $55.00 Metal Door that will keep out the honest people. By the way, "Construction Junction" is Pittsburgh’s only non-profit building material reuse retailer. They take old materials when people are deconstructing homes, businesses and churches and sell what they can to the public, keeping a ton of building materials from the landfills. Super Awesome if you are in Pittsburgh or the nearby area, they have a cool concept to model after. The stuff there is unique and hard to find. Check out the webpage, its worth it:

That's all for my weekend tales.



Papermoonies said...

stopping over from sits

Janna Bee said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you getting a dishwasher. That is awesome. I can't imagine not having mine.