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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me, today

I've been selfish. I haven't taken anything from anyone, but I haven't given anything either. I have realized that I haven't been reading as many blogs as I used to. Or I read blogs and don't leave a comment. Today I remembered how I used to do daily check ins with SITS (the secret is in the sauce). I remember enjoying a world of blogging with fantastic bloggy buddies like Martha or my sister The Rambler.

These days my hours consist of the kids, and a lot of crafting. I look online at pictures of different finished crafts for inspirations on projects I would like to take on. Last week I saw some great quilts of houses, and it made me want to make one.....start with something easy and then to do one that is more complex that resembles the city I live in or my own home. I am making a few gifts for upcoming birthdays, weddings and doing some caterings too. Life is busy in a way that I have little to write down, that feels relevant. Most of my thoughts are so serious.

I have been doing crazy research on Alzheimer's because it runs in my family and also because some family on c's side are dealing with it daily. It scares me because it is deep in my family history and I hope that this does not pass to my mother, me or my daughters. It seems to run with the women in my family. The research they just put out there this week is that they pulled some innovating drugs that were meant to help with the disease when the findings showed they actually worsened the symptoms of degeneration. After about 3 hours of research, I feel I know more about the disease than I ever thought I would. This past year UC Irvine recieved a large grant to research the disease using Stem Cell research. In 2004 Alzheimer's Association put out a pdf memo/statement stating that they did not feel stem cell research was a viable option. They declined to go in that direction. I am optimistic that they will find a cure and that the benefits will lead us to understanding better the brain, the body and how we build and retain memory. I just hope that we, or they who are involved in genetics, research, science don't leave a stone unturned.

Our brains are like computers and I feel like we have so much storage space. once the limit is reached we experience Errors, shutdowns, and the dreaded CRASH. We are not so different from the tools we have developed.


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Martha said...

I hear ya, Anti bloggedy, life's been demanding much of me also.
Alzheimers is horrible, a dear friend's Mother in law just got diagnosed.
Thinking of you with my best.