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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm leaving....on a jet plane, only I will be back in 2 weeks

I'm off! I will have loads to tell you when I return. I can feel the tears welling up inside......


Hrts: Antibloggedy

Monday, May 11, 2009

The San Francisco Treat

It was in San Francisco that Chas and I met. Then, he was "Chuck" (funny story): Chuck and I met while working at a restaurant together. I was the cute hostess, and he was one of the waiters. We were thrown together by two men, a father and son. The two men were of an older generation (the son was in his 50's). They would come in regularly and have me seat them in "Chucks" section. The father would say, "That guy really likes you...." in a whisper and a wink. The son would smile and nod..."yes, he really does.". "You're quite a catch!". I would always reply: "Awe, thanks guys!'re sweet, and our best customers!" turn to leave and go back and say "I think he's a pretty good catch too!" (not too loud).

Little did I know these two guys were working on him too: "you know if I were half my age, I would pay $30,000 to be in your shoes! That girl is a catch and you should snatch her up quick!" Later, Chas told me this is when he really thought about asking me out. We started hanging out as friends and he would invite me to bbq's and parties. We ended up getting together 11 years ago this month.

When my Gramma met him as "Chuck" she only met him for a short second. She didn't really get to know him. After a 1 1/2 of dating Chuck stated he never liked the name "Chuck". It was something friends started calling him, he preferred Chas (the name his mom called him). He didn't like the "Banana Name Game" "Chuck Chuck Bo Buck Banana Nana Bo Buck....." or the "Whats up Chuck!" (get it: UPCHUCK). So I started calling him Chas. It took a while, but we all took to it well and when we got together with my gramma for a dinner at my Aunts and Uncles house she was floored with him. He brought his guitar and played a little for her. She thought he was sweet.
Later she told me: "I am so glad you got rid of that Chuck fellow and got with that Chad.....I like him better!"

I then replied: "GRAMMA! Chuck and CHAS are the same guy! AND it's Chas NOT Chad!"

Gotta luv the Grams!

Here's some SF Pics for you:

Kai's Art is Evolving!

I am in awe of her random acts of beauty....on paper, and in life. =)
We'll have to work on her signature for her paintings...

Proud mama,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I want to say how lucky I have always been. I come from a family filled with love. I have never needed or wanted for any of that. The moms (and dads) have always made me feel pretty special. I am confident, smart, and in life I am happy. I have a family I can be proud of. This is something that can not be bought and wrapped in a box with a bow on top. .....

Happy Mothers Day to "My Mothers":

My mommy:

My Sister (AKA: The Rambler):.....Thats her bending over

And if it weren't for these two, I couldn't call myself a mommy:

Thanks to my "moms" and especially to the kids that make it possible and fill my life with a joy and happiness unmatched. I love you all.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

anticipation and me....

I am anti-cipating (haha-"anti"bloggedy) my visit to California. There are a couple things that are on my mind as the date approaches.

One is the whole thing with the "swine" flu....which by the way, everyone is now supposed to call influenza A(H1N1)...yeah right?! I can't remember the scientific name of my cat......I had a bit of a sore throat due to the allergy season, but it perfectly coincided with the swine flu.......People look at you like your a freak. I have been holding the germ-x with me and the kids love washing their hands with the purell type substance. I sent emails to the airlines and the TSA people with what is appropriate for the travel in terms of cleaning supplies...."I want to sanitize my section" I told them. "can I bring alcohol wipes? and purell?"

Of coarse you can...."in 3 oz rule size bottles".

One check mark on my list.

two: Two children, one mother. I am so freakin crazed about traveling with two children....that are 1 and 2 years old. They are both in that "I want my mom, and my space" stage. At least I scheduled an evening flight that is non-stop!

Mantra: please be sleepy, please be sleepy......repeat 1000 times and breathe

Last, Not enough time to do all the things I want to do:
Visit old friends
Visit with all the family
Visit with my lil sis in Tahoe
Go to all the places I want to go...

But these are all pleasant challenges. I am always thankful for what I have and the joys in my life.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Ohhh Crap! Literally....

The Sewar backed up into our basement. Thankfully, it was not too extreme. We had it contained to a corner that had dirt to "soak" up the stuff. C dug it all out and we will have to snake it sometime today. Wish us luck! I hope the damn thing is easily resolved....fingers crossed......

Mantra: Please be toilet paper, please be toilet paper....repeat 500 times and breathe!